A Glenwood full kitchen, (Heavily Stocked cabinets!)

A Glenwood full kitchen, (Heavily Stocked cabinets!)

$2,496.70 $1,997.36
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Glenwood kitchen  

The first 3 pictures are of one of our 20 displays they are of our repaired Scratch and Dent cabinets with Crown molding, scribe, under molding, shelf kits and Valance board. 

We have it in new for $2496.70 New and (in stock)!

$1997.36 In Repaired Scratch and Dents (Inventory changes daily) But there over 1000 scratch and dents in stock.

We  keep over 1000 of these cabinets in stock and restock weekly.

This display can be seen at The Cabinet Barn.

Counter top and handles sold separately.

We keep around 1400 Glenwood cabinets in stock!

New and Repaired seconds (bases and walls) 

 Pantries, base peninsulas and lazy Susan's                      

Made in the USA!