Pro Painting Safe Box Easel 16 x 16

Pro Painting Safe Box Easel 16 x 16

$299.99 $159.99

Professional Painting Safe Box easel with tripod base plate only (No tripod).   

Picture 3 shows possible extra side tray and tripod,.sold separately .   

This Model comes with light weight tripod base plate.

Every Painting Safe box easel comes with adjustable canvas slide hardened wire hooks for the use of many size canvases or panels, removable matte, removable charging pan and removable medium cup.

Paint close and carry.

16" x 16" x 3.5"

Heavy duty but only 4.5 lbs, plus Base plate 1/2 lbs

Use as a table top easel, connect it to your standard tripod or connect it to your field easel.

The Pro Painting Safe Box Easel is made from .185 material. This makes the Pro 1 lb. heavier than the Artist model but very rigid.